As students interested in investments, the connection between Ilumi and investing became a fascinating topic for all of us. We feel that there is value in having a lightbulb as an indicator for an investor's stock portfolio. When used correctly, the light is not as intrusive as other notifications, and an investor may feel comforted without having to constantly check their electronic devices.

What it does

Our app is a portfolio management interface that is connected to an Ilumi lightbulb. The brightness of the light will be adjusted based on the absolute value of the returns, and the color (red or green) indicate whether the returns are net positive or negative.

How we built it

We built the front end using HTML and CSS, as well as a backend with PHP. We connected to the Ilumi lightbulbs through an Android device with bluetooth. We then synced the mobile device with our web front end with the help of the Pubnub API.

What's next for Portflo

There are many other useful indicators of one's portfolio, such as volatility, that could be conveyed through light. For example, we could flash the light if the portfolio is being volatile. In addition, we have a wide spectrum of colors that are yet to be utilized, which may be customized in many ways.

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