## Inspiration The Inspiration was the Quote "It's not a border, it's a portal" from National Geographic about their yellow frame around the magazines. We took that literally and build it using SparkAR World Effects on Instagram.

What it does

It places a portal in front of you where you enter a sphere through a little hallway - the sphere has the texture of a 360° image from inside - this image is from the highest viewpoint in Madeira, which we made by ourselves.

How I built it

We built it using blender to create the 3D objects and import them to SparkAR

Challenges I ran into

The limitation of textures to 1024x1024 - so we had to split the 360° image into 4 pieces and stich them back together to have a higher resolution and still be under 4MB

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The users reaction to it and having the idea to split the textures and be able to put this on instagram

What I learned

That SparkAR is a nice tool. We worked with Unity before and its nice what is already possible.

What's next for SpotAR: Portal to Another World

We're in contact to National Geographic to put this filters on their Instagram page. We could put every possible 360° image instead the ones we used and could also use 360° videos if we had a bigger file size. We partner with Vodafone in Germany to make 5G usecases to recreate history using AR.

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