We wanted to create an application that turned advertising more engaging, turning all ads that already surround us into interactive experiences that can redefine how we interact with our environment.

What it does

Whenever you stare at an ad that's present in our database, our software immediately recognizes with Vuforia it and replaces it with an interactive experience. We did 3 case studies: one for a store (where an user could browse through products and interact with them in real time), another for an environmental organization (where an user could donate to it in real time and place trees on a struggling digital forest), and one for a nightclub (which allowed the user to buy tickets and stare at a glorious dancing bunny).

How I built it

Using Unity, Vuforia and the Microsoft Hololens.

Challenges I ran into

First time developing for Mixed Reality! We found a critical bug in Vuforia that we tried to fix for 18 hours. At one point, we even had their engineers on the phone (thanks to the help of a Microsoft mentor that was present), but we weren't able to fix it and had to improvise to make the project presentable.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created a really powerful concept and technical demonstration that changes the way we interact with our environment.

What I learned

Mixed Reality is awesome. We also got to learn the development basics of the HoloLens.

What's next for Portal Project

We plan to rebuild the project from the ground up using what we learned and create a definitive polished version to show to the world.

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