The UK elections is a key example of how exit polls can be useful and a good predictor of the election results. If the exit poll process is secure and as accurate as possible, it can be used as a verification tool for the collation of the electoral votes, adding transparency to the part of the process the public has no access to. This would reduce the amount of election manipulation as anomalies would be spotted when compared to the exit poll.

What it does

  1. Takes information from voters on exiting the polls on who they voted for
  2. Uses the poll data in a statistical modal to predict the election result for the country
  3. Presents the results at the close of polls which can be used as a dual check for the final results.

Points to note

  1. All user + exit poll data will be stored securely and anonymously at all times
  2. The portal will need to be very lightweight to reduce the bandwidth required
  3. Different to other exit polls the aim will be to gain as many exit votes as possible rather than just a subset of a small selection
  4. The data collected will prove to be a valuable source for research organisations in the future


  1. Exit polls are not accurate as voters can lie about who they voted for due to fear of repercussions
  2. Lack of technology infrastructure in all required areas in the country
  3. The high cost and lack of availability of data for analysis
  4. Lack of incentive for voters to participate- potentially have a rewards system for users

Future Opportunities

  1. Extend app to general population, allowing for multiple datasets to be collected and compared
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