See I like how we've had the internet for decades, yet "Sending Files" is something early adopters are still figuring out how to do.

What it does

Create connection between computers, share any file without needing to store the file on server or attaching to email.

How we built it

It uses webRTC P2P protocol to create connection. We have used peer.js library.

Challenges we ran into

While saving files using browser, first the complete file is buffered into memory. This puts a restriction on the file size which can transfered. We searched a bit and found stream implementation in browsers, (this creates a writable stream directly to the file system). There is another issue, which saving file, browser navigates to another page which causes the connection to break (reloading connects again).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Probably easiest way to share file.

What we learned

File handling in browsers.

What's next for portal

  • alternate way to save small files so that browser does not navigate and break connection.
  • Get progress bar
  • Make it more robust.
  • Better UI

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