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Portal is a chrome extension that enables users to preview and interact with links without the need to actually open a window or tab. Hover over any link, press the designated hot key and, wal-lah, a floating portal appears from the link, allowing you to interact with the new webpage. You can easily move, scale and rotate the portal to yo nuur desire.

This piece of software was inspired by our love for the internet and our strive to make the experience just a little bit better. Currently, the browser experience is full of opening new tabs for temporary content and we wanted to ameliorate the chaos. Our target user is any avid internet user who is overrun by tabs and wants to simplify their internet browsing experience.

Our chrome extension makes browsing fast, easy, and clutter free. Whether you want to skim the top articles on the New York Times, or browse Amazon for the lowest prices, Portal makes your life easier. Though the extension works on most websites, it provides a unique and fluid browsing experience for YouTubers, Redditors, and Wikipedia lovers alike!

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