Computational microscopy is a leading research area within the realm of computational imaging. By switching the emphasis from hardware onto computational techniques, the complexity of microscope setups can be reduced significantly, while maintaining high-quality images.

What it does

I wrote the digital holography and super-resolution algorithms that can be used to convert raw data into a human-interpretable image.

How we built it

Based on various research papers, efficient algorithms for each of these were implemented. Everything was done within a jupyter notebook, written in python.

Challenges we ran into

Similar algorithms were all in different languages, translating between them is super hard. Debugging in a jupyter notebook is not ideal.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The super-resolution and digital holography algorithms each work!

What we learned

How each algorithm actually works, great conceptual understanding now.

What's next for Portable image reconstruction and processing algorithms

Time to develop the hardware setup to get better raw data! Need to further optimize code to run on a raspberry pi.

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