We wanted to create solar panels that could be implemented in various locations by automatically moving the solar panels to its optimal position with respect to the sun.

What it does

Detects the optimal location of the sun and rotates the solar panel to obtain maximum efficiency.

How We built it

We implemented two servos, four light sensors and controlled it with an Arduino. The light sensors provided angle feedback and positioned the servos to the optimal position.

Challenges We ran into

Combining the angle of the four light sensors to control the movement of the servos. Limited resources to 3D print a stage and platform for the solar panel.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to complete the project with the limited resources at hand such as no 3D printers or machine shop.

What We learned

How to use and implement multiple servos at a time, and provide sensor feedback for better control.

What's next for Portable dual-axis solar tracker for energy storage

Develop a robust stand, usb station, and implement more efficient solar panels.

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