From conversations with members of Youth Panel, Agencies, and Social worker

What it does for social workers

  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • View meetings and other interactions
  • Assess foster kid's goal programs and progress
  • Share documents with foster parents and kids

Who's it for

Mainly for busy social workers who are on the go and frequently interact with foster parents and kids

How I built it

Sketch, Invisionapp

Challenges I ran into

Domain knowledge of foster care in NYC, laws, and privacy

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Understanding some of pains and insights of different groups of people that are part of the foster community in short period of time

What I learned

This hackathon is more than just building fun hacks, it's about trying to solve real problems that affect thousands of people in NYC

What's next for Portable Case Management App

Conduct a technical exploration in database integrations

Built With

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