We wanted to find ways for train travelers to enjoy their time at underground stations, making the train station not only a place to go through, but a place to stay at and enjoy.

what it does:

Popup Concert is a discovery platform for live music shows happening at underground and train stations. Enabling the user to discover cool new bands, and enjoy free live shows at the most accessible places.

For performers, we are providing a free, central venue for playing their music and gaining exposure to a massive audience.

How we built it

first we had a brainstorming session, putting our ideas on the board and iterated on our product. Afterwards we split into three teams, one building the front end, the second doing the backend, and the third one handling the mobile application.

Challenges i ran into

Since the basis of the application is social and built on user created data, we had to think hard on how to present a live working system during the final hackathon pitch.

Accomplishments that i’m proud of

We think we’ve built a great looking prototype with a great idea, that can easily evolve into a real product.

Whats next for our application

  • AI algorithms to recommend the best station for a musician to play in, in order to get the best audience.
  • Integrate into the real registration process musicians use now to register at the BVG.
  • Build up a social community around the shows including live video feeds from the show.
  • Thinking big - popup world concert tours.

Used APIs

  • we’ve used the BVG api to get real time route information to shows.


  • bvg challenge



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