Incomplete clinical trials prevent effective treatments from ever reaching the patient population in need. A major obstacle to successful completion of clinical studies is the high dropout rate of study participants, especially for large clinical trials. Missed follow-up appointments due to the difficulty in effectively scheduling large numbers of participants are a major cause of this problem.

However, current approaches to appointment scheduling are highly ineffective. Follow-up appointments that are scheduled by clinics are prone to high no-show rates and patient cancellations. On the other hand, appointments scheduled directly by patients are unpredictable, leaving research clinics heavily overbooked or underbooked and making it difficult for resources to be utilized cost-effectively.

Our web-based scheduling solution combines informatics with a Nobel Prize-winning computer algorithm – used by over 34,000 physicians every year with a 96% success rate – to balance patient needs with clinic resources during the scheduling process. Specifically, our software can schedule thousands of patients at once for follow-up care, all while balancing workloads so doctors and clinical researchers can spend quality time with each patient.

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