• People want to discover new places to visit and travel to.
  • People want to interact and clarify their doubts regarding the place.
  • People want to store and track their travel bucket list.

What it does

  • Allows people to add #wanderlust posts from social media to their bucket list.
  • Allows people to join location-based chatrooms and interact with people around the location.

How we built it



Technologies Used




Challenges we ran into

  • Social Media platform APIs are restrictive due to privacy controls. We made a browser extension where the user will choose to bookmark a post. No user activity is tracked thus maintaining user privacy.
  • Allowing users to sign up and log in using chrome extension and web app social media accounts.
  • Creating temporary chat channels and allowing users to authenticate and chat using their Twitter profile.
  • Packing our solution into a seamless User Interface and Experience. Deployment on different platforms.

Built With

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