On an average, an internet-active-human uses search engines more than 150 times a day. That is 150 new tabs to open and close. Which is at least five minutes of investment. Daily. We wanted to cut that time of investment by 50 percent or more. Saving the pain to open and close tabs again and again, reducing clutter and finishing tasks without much distraction.

What it does

This is why we created popsicle. A whole new way to save your one second at a time, marginally saving a lot of time throughout the day. Your search engine pops-up right at your selection of any text without leaving the active window.

What you can do with it

This feature is up for exploration by anyone. It is funny how anything that we enter to the search terms, yields so many unexpected results. I mean, when we selected 'Ten Millions', we were not expecting to know about a famous minor league baseball player, or know about the rock band 'The Used' by just simply selecting the term used randomly. On a much more productive note, there are so many small queries we feed into search every now and then that just require our attention for a small period. For instance, getting a gist about a famous person while reading an article, knowing and comparing prices or getting answers to calculations.

Challenges I ran into

Most of the websites don't allow you to iframe due to security reasons which led us to duckduckgo's awesome compatibility features. We also wanted to integrate major websites search results right in the pop-up, but since we wanted to respect the framing preferences of the author, we just stuck with quick-access buttons that open that website with the search term in a new tab. Still, saves a second, eh?

What's next for Popsicle

We understand that no two individuals have a similar type of activity on the internet, and to respect that we will look into creating options for users to select their own quick-access buttons. We will also be looking into using a lot more site-specific API's to summarize the data of popular sites in the iFrame, that don't allow iframing, and then providing an option to open it in another window for a more detailed read.

Additional features

We used walmart's api to list out all the available items in store with accordance to the selected text.

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