The best way to study a foreign language is by constant practice. Short bursts of studying will keep the language more fresh in your mind. Our team wanted to create an easy way for language learners to almost-effortlessly maintain their language studies through their everyday use of technology.

What it does

PopQs is an app built for Android that functions as a multiple-choice quiz app, as well as a reminder to study. The reminder function of the app works through a popup window which appears at time intervals specified by the user. This would help language learners, especially targeting busy college students.

How we built it

We built PopQs using Java and XML in Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

Our team decided to work with Android, a technology none of us had learned before, so it was a challenge to learn and implement all of our desired features within the timeframe of the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some of our favorite features include audio clips of native language speakers that can play alongside questions, and that upon unlocking their phone, the user would immediately see a popup from PopQs prompting them to answer at least one question before the user would continue onto their desired task.

What we learned

Using XML and Java through Android Studio to build functional apps. Working in a team.

What's next for PopQs

We hope to finish implementing a SQLite database full of sample questions from users around the world. We also hope to finish implementing "chathead" style notifications prompting the user to answer a question.

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