It's challenging to easily view live metrics like "total users" or "how many times the ISS has orbited earth today". Most developers and BAs have to use clunky database software or use some proprietary web tool that makes it difficult to stay up to date, especially when on the go. With Poppycard you can easily view data from an endpoint or URL and share it with a generated Poppycard link.

What it does

We ingest a URL or an endpoint that returns a JSON payload. After a URL is provided, a unique Poppycard is created and allows that live metric or information to be easily shared or viewed from a static link.

How we built it

We certainly didn't hold back. We used all the latest and greatest technologies from Node and React to Redux and MongoDB. We collaborated with GitHub and brainstormed to come up with ideas and approaches to get the job done.

Challenges we ran into

For starters is somehow cached on the network we suspect this will get updated but in order to view the site in the meantime, you must be connected to another network or go to the Heroku link. Also there was a large knowledge deficit but it was overcome by perseverance and insane trial-and-error.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not passing out and finishing the project.

What we learned

New technologies and the meaning of life.

What's next for Poppycard

We're going to pursue Poppycard outside of the Hackathon so that it may be a helpful and reliable tool for anyone to use!

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