We wanted to create and app that would help eliminate procrastination.

What it does

PopNotes is an easy to use SMS app that forces you to study. It does this by periodically texting you certain terms you define.

How We built it

We started with building the website for the users to send us their phone number and to start giving questions for themselves to use. Justin used twilio and coded the back end of our product in order for it to actually text the questions the user created for themselves, to their number.

Challenges We ran into

After working most of our time into the whole thing, we found out that the back-end and the front-end weren't able to connect

Accomplishments that we are proud of

For two of our teammates, we had to teach them how to code with html and they had to learn in a couple of hours. We were able to create a nice looking website, but unfortunately it wouldn't connect to the back-end.

What I learned

We learned some coding for html and a tiny bit of angular.js on Brackets, front-end. The Back-end learned how to code on intellij and to use twilio.

What's next for PopNotes

We will be adding the option to add more questions and pop quizzes.

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