Our Inspiration For Creating PopCorn Story

At present, the emergence of a virus that is emitting people throughout the world is the corona virus (Covid-19) where a person affected by the virus will experience a variety of symptoms both visible and invisible. This virus spreads very fast and no cure has yet been found to cure it. Therefore, many people out there who are affected by this virus become mentally weak and afraid if he cannot recover, and tend to make him despair. But on the contrary, there are also many people who recover and have been free from this virus.

Rather than having to spread the news of death and fear due to the Corona virus which will add to the panic, why don't we try to preach more hopeful news, calming news, and news about the lives of people who have been successfully freed from the Corona virus.

Therefore, we took the initiative to create a website called PopCorn Story (Peoples With Corona Story) where people who have recovered can share their stories on this website. How can he fight against the ferocious corona virus, so he can recover completely.

With the PopCorn Story website, it is hoped that it can overcome public anxiety about the Corona virus. Those affected by the Corona virus will return to their spirits and be motivated through stories shared by patients who have recovered, and return to fight the Corona virus.

What it does

PopCorn Story (Peoples With Corona Story) is a website that contains stories of struggles of people who recovered in the face of the covid-19 virus outbreak. You can also send your own stories, as well as criticisms or suggestions that you have through the form provided on this website. With your story, you can motivate many readers of this website to continue to fight against the corona virus.

We believe PopCorn Story is able to reduce problems related to the corona virus pandemic by:

  1. Spread the stories of the struggles of people who recovered from the Corona virus.
  2. Spread the story about Corona Virus which can motivate others to keep on fighting.
  3. Provides a special page for sending stories owned by someone.
  4. By sharing news and happy stories will reduce stress levels and boost the body's immune system, so that our bodies become stronger to fight the virus.

How we built it

The PopCorn Story website is built using the Blogger platform. To get interesting and motivating stories about Corona, for the time being we look for references in various news portals.

Challenges we ran into

There are so many challenges that we went through to make this website. One of the biggest challenges is the deadline given only 2 days after we got the news to make this project. Besides this this is our first international project that must use international languages as well. However, we still experience limitations in good and correct English. The very tight schedule of lectures also makes it difficult for us to develop this website as well as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am quite proud of the existing teamwork. Everyone is busy with their respective assignments, some are creating and designing websites, creating articles, and making animated videos for this project. Of course this is an achievement for team cohesiveness.

What we learned

From this project we learned about how to always have a positive influence on the surrounding environment. Even with a small thing without us knowing it will have a large benefit to combat this virus.

What's next for PopCorn Story (People With Corona Story)

Here are some things that will be developed from PopCorn Story for the future:

  1. Make our own hosting, so it is more free to manage everything about this website.
  2. Make a better article submit form.
  3. Load more news and motivational stories from corona virus fighters.
  4. Make this website more user friendly

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