When approaching recruiters, you have to print those long resumes that people barely glance through... Recruitment and building your professional network can be a challenging thing. There is a limit to the number of Linkedin requests you make in a day and people barely glance at your projects and your experience. Our idea is to create a new personalized AR Business Card that will be an add-on to your Linkedin profile; showcasing components such as videos of project work, links, AR headers (gifs), and much more!

What it does

There are two components to this hack:

  • There is a Web App for the AR component (where you can view the AR)
  • There is a Mobile App for creating and generating your personalized QR code.

Our app will add you to the our AR 'professional network' once the user signs up. It asks your personal information including:

  • Name, Description/Title, Quick Links (Github, LinkedIn, etc), Contact-Links (email, phone), Optional Headers (gifs which showcase who you are or a project), Optional Experience/Status

For those who don't have the mobile app, they can still view the user's info by scanning the QR code with their camera app.

How I built it

Our Mobile App uses Apache Cordova and the our forms were all built with Vue and React JS The AR Web Component is built with AR.JS & React

Challenges I ran into

Watch the video! We describe all of them

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our app works well!

What's next for Pop Up

We want to turn this into an extension for Linkedin. LinkedIn has its own QR code component so creating an AR Business Card over lay on top of the LinkedIn QR code would be our next step. Also, we want to extend the scope of our current form so that it is more customizable.

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