Sometimes there will be impromptu / emergency events that people may not be aware of immediately. We want to create something that will keep people up to date while socializing at the same time.

What it does

Notifying people on impromptu events and changes instantly based on the interest groups the users joined.

How we built it

We split into the front-end and back-end team, each consisting of two people.

We utilized react native framework to build an integrated front-end, and also made use of react-native-paper to improve UI system. Using python and djando framework, we created the back-end of our software as a web server that handles HTTP API requests.

Challenges we ran into

We have not had much experience with modern javascript, but after a few hours of learning, we seem to get the gist of it. API building took us a lot time, but it helped us a lot to plan and structure before hand so it would be easier for us to do things later. Making a project of this scale in 20 hours was very difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We really like the idea of POP!, and we are pretty satisfied with the product that came out after a day of effort. We learned and accomplished more than we thought we would in 20 hours and we are proud of it, especially that we made something that we ourselves will feel comfortable using in daily life.

What we learned

Javascript, React Native framwork, Django framwork, RESTful API

What's next for POP!

Fix potential bugs and add more features! New features may include: (1) Allow muting groups by duration (2) Allow creating events with photos and/or videos (3) More robust authentication system for bot-protection and anti-hacking protection.

We hope to see a release of the app in the future!

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