The inspiration for the app is the phrase pics or it didn't happen. How to prove beyond a reasonable doubt some event has happened at a certain point in time.

What it does?

The app enables you to provide visual evidence of all sort of events, timestamped and provenly yours. If visual evidence is needed, the app lets you make a photo and creates a unique identifier (SHA-256 hash) and record this on the public Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain.

How we built it?

First, we specified the requirements for our product and what would be needed to create it. We asked Gabriel from Bitbox to inform us on how BitBox could help us. We made sub-teams and divided the work among the team members.

Challenges we ran into?

Team members had to learn how to work with BitBox, but Bitbox dit not work for all the needed features so we made some workarounds for our product to work.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Working together with a team of people who met at the hackathon and we were able to work together very well. We all learned new things in our respected field. We all went out of our comfort zone.

What we learned

Our Team used SDK from BitBox, never used before and we used languages such as react-native most team members never used before. Myself I learned to host a website on Github

What's next for PoP it - Proof of Picture

As it is an MVP it needs to be completed with all envisioned features, and an Android version has to be released.

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