We were inspired to create POP after realizing how many cases of harassment go unnoticed in bars and clubs all around the country. We realized that in many cases, business customers hold the true power in determining how successful a business will be, and we decided to create an application that would allow customers to take advantage of that power and let their voices be heard.

What it does

POP, which stands for Power of the People, is a website that minorities, such as members of the LGBTQ community, muslims, and women can access in order to track the environment around the bars or clubs they are interested in going to. Before going to a business, users are able read reviews from other minorities who went there, and get a feel for the setting and treatment of minorities by both employees and other customers. These reviews also give the business feedback, allowing them to take into account new requirements for employees and let them know how minorities are being treated at their venue, which can promote more businesses to start improving their setting.

How we built it

Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, we coded multiple website pages, such as the home page, a ratings page, a features page, and more. In addition, we utilized Google Maps APIs to map out different locations, based on their reviews. We also designed our own logo using Adobe illustrator.

Challenges we ran into

We are all CS beginners, with extremely limited experience in coding and hackathons. Through creating POP, we had the opportunity to learn a LOT more about coding, hackathons, and teamwork!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we successfully created a product that empowers minorities by allowing them to rate bars and clubs based on their environment and treatment of different customers. Additionally, most of our group had never written a line of code before, and by working together, we were able to create a successful website.

What we learned

We strengthened our skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, learning as we coded and finalized our website. From the workshops, we learned communication and public speaking, and we also got a taste of business and marketing as we came up with our idea and worked on our presentation.

What's next for POP

We hope to promote this to the public through social media and encourage minorities to use this resource, which can give them a voice. We will also continuously work together to improve the website through obtaining customer feedback and to influence businesses to treat customers

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