All my adult life I was dreaming about a pet and one day I took a cat from an animal shelter. That was the happiest day of my life until I left him at home alone. I know a few kids who also dreaming about a pet, but they sometimes have no idea how it`s hard to take care of your pet friend.

What it does

It seems like easy game, yet will show how difficult is to take care of your pet.

How we built it

This project includes a full game development cycle. We started with generate of ideas for our experience. It was decided what we are going to work with two characters smiling poo and a cat.

Then we preferred all the creative materials and sketches, modelers and animators started to work on 3D. We had more than 8 versions of the cat's body and it took majority of time to choose it shape. Finally, when all assets were approved, we started bring our cat to life in side Spark AR Studio. I used Spark AR Studio applying the experience gained earlier in other platforms basset on object-oriented languages and real-time.

Challenges I ran into

Blending of two cycles of animation.

In scripting I ran into the problem of converting a signal (VectorSignal, PointSignal etc.) to a value (Scalar) and vice versa.

In Patch Editor I would like to have block(Patch) which pass current values on pulse...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created pretty viral World AR Effect.

What I learned

New experience and skills with Spark AR Studio.

What's next for Poosy Cat

Fixing, Updating & Fun!

Built With

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