Homelessness is a crisis in many urban areas. The lack of access to basic amenities makes life very difficult for homeless individuals in downtown metros, including lack of access to bathrooms. Our app attempts to address this by showing publicly accessible bathrooms in the user's area, which are scored by user-submitted ratings for quality.

What it does

The app displays a map with markers on all near bathrooms. It includes the locations and ratings of the bathrooms. Upon clicking on their favorite bathroom, users can choose to launch Google maps for directions or submit a review of the location after they are done-- doing so will update that location's average rating on Firebase.

How we built it

Poop With Me is a native Android app built with Java and Android Studio. We took the City of Boulder, Colorado's Public Restroom Facilities csv, wrote a script to convert it to JSON ,and imported it into Firebase. Our app calls the Google Maps API and works with Firebase to get and fetch all user-inputted data.

Challenges I ran into

API for easily finding nearest bathroom was deprecated. We all are rusty with Java / Android. Android itself is a different beast on itself.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We had fun and it works! It was quite the challenging project and very ambitious for us three Android beginners, so we are excited in what we accomplished.

What I learned

We learned Java, Android Studio, and Google Cloud Platform (maps API and Firebase).

What's next for Poop With Me

Scaling locating bathrooms to other amenities (ie. wheelchair accessibility), gaining access to datasets outside of Boulder. Creating bathrooms and writing them to the Firebase and configuring location services to only give the 5-10 bathrooms closest to you to you would also be great next steps.

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