First-timers division

Yes we are competing in first timers division.


Currently, Monash students face an unfriendly system relating to car pooling. Apps poorly integrate with students' lifestyles, and are not compatible with the car pooling permit system at Monash.

What it does

  • Professional and intuitive interface
  • Dashboard with next ride available at a glance
  • Building custom calendar, including club events
  • Filtering of available drivers and passengers
  • Music preferences on profile page
  • Booking rides
  • Creating rides

Challenges we ran into

  • Scope - what can we actually implement in this short period of time
  • Dealing with existing permit system
  • Representing journeys in the back-end given its rapidly changing nature of passengers
  • Managing all the details required e.g. dates and times for trips

What's next for pooler.

  • Automatic Monash calendar integration
  • Matching with people who leave at the same time as you
  • Google Maps API
  • Actual Monash Okta integration to get private info like schedule
  • Financial incentive for drivers to pick up people on the way
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