Ridesharing, planned.


Pooler connects rideshare app (e.g., Uber) users with other users who share similar trips, allowing these riders to plan and share these trips. Pooler was created with commuters in mind — I came up with the idea when I saw many Uber and Lyft riders around my apartment taking the same daily commute. I figured that we could could improve on this current setup if commuters could plan to split their rideshares with other riders on similar trips; instead of relying on the on-demand matching that has an unsure outcome, users could sort out their rideshare ahead of time.

By facilating these planned rideshares, Pooler reduces users’ commute cost, gas usage, and impact on local traffic congestion.

In addition to commuters, Pooler is made for anyone who has plans to use a ridesharing service for an upcoming ride - for example, an airport trip or weekly grocery run. Especially in cities, these types of trips frequently occur, but would be much more efficient with additionally planning - e.g., airport travelers at one hotel might use Pooler to realize their similar departure scheudles and arrange to share an Uber to the airport.


  • Login with Uber
  • Browse/Join Nearby Rides
    • See others' upcoming rides near your location and easily request to join
  • Enter your trip information
    • Can either enter one-time trip (i.e., a single date) or recurring trip (i.e., pick which days of the week you take this trip)
  • Pooler searches for existing trips that match all of the following criteria:
    • within 0.5 miles of your departure address
    • within 0.5 miles of your arrival address
    • occurs on at least one of your trip's days
    • within a user-set buffer window around your departure time (default is 15 minutes)
      • e.g., 15 minutes buffer window means that a 7:15am trip matches trips from 7:00am - 7:30am
  • Matched users are connected in-app
  • To share trip - matched users do the following:
    • Match user 1 sets up a meetup point and time
    • Match user 2 accepts
    • Match user 1 and 2 can message each other in-app
    • Users meetup and order uber using Uber button on Pooler Match Page
      • this button is enabled 15 minutes before/after ride meetup time
      • users departure/arrival info is passed from Pooler app to Uber, so users do not have to enter info into Uber
      • users can split Uber ride via uber app or both elect to use uberPool to share their ride with eachother
  • Push notifications alert users when a new and releveant event occurs
    • New Trip Request
    • New Trip Match
    • Trip Match Accepted
    • New Message from Trip User
    • Ride upcoming in 15 minutes

Future Plans

I'd love to further integrate this app with Uber (and possibly other ridesharing services) - the current setup is limited by Uber's API, which forces Pooler to open the Uber app in order to make ride requests. Ideally, Pooler would be able to make requests on behalf of the two users and handle the cost-splitting in-app.

Thank you for checking out my app -- I'd love any feedback you have!! -Liam

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