Most people who travels on daily basis on similar routes take their own vehicle due to lack of information of others due to which many resources like fuel,money,vehicle and mainly environmental health is consumed.The location based services often report problem of battery draining due to which a apps providing shared location services are effected.The trnql smart location services helped to build app for pooling the drives.

What it does

People can plan their daily transport effeciently saving resources and not loosing time or effort by pre planning it.User sets his/her from-to address and their time of start and requests for available riders(common people who like to share rides).Depending on routes and riders time a list is populated.The generated list is filtered by nearby people which is effecient for instant plans.In order to avoid communication gaps ,time disparities and other intervensions the user can instantaniously chat with rider and plans ride effectively by sending land marks by using nearby smart service.The user get notified when the rider nears him/her by using nearby people smart activity.

How I built it. The travel data is managed by google app engine datastore allowing the user/rider to upload their route/time details.The suitable riders list is generated by checking whether waypoint using google maps services.The list is filtered by nearby available riders for instant ride using trnql smart people activity.The instant chat is done using gcm service via google app engine.To provide landmarks user can use trnql nearby places activity.To feel secured u can share location to friends via chat.

Challenges I ran into

Data management for travel data.Filtering suitable user by checking whether waypoint.Chat application with out any authorizations.Integrating with trnql smart activities.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating all individual activities to make a useful app

What I learned

Data handling.communication between various domains.

What's next for PoolDrive

Make more secured by integrating with licence verifier.Get many users so that one can travel without wasting resources and their time effectively and comfortably.

Built With

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