As I live in North Africa, It's difficult to find decent transportation, for that sake communities of people willing to help each others by sharing there means of transportation.

In underdeveloped countries transportation is a major problem because of the week of infrastracture . People in those countries had quicly realised that sharing their means of transportation is the key to afford a descent travel. Facebook groups have been a great way to share offers and demands and therefore has grown really fast, to a point where you get frequent notification from friends of yours posting to destination your not interested to go to.

How I built it

I used the React Facebook library to build an installable progressive web application with push notifications. and NodeJS for the Backend to build the buisness logic.

What it does

A signed in user can be one of the two roles:

Drivers can post a travel offer once at a time anonymously and receive notification from other people seeking travel to the same destination and share his or her identity with only the people who accepts to travel with.

Seekers Are the people who are seeking transportation, they can apply to as many offers as they want as long is it's in the same destination, and a maximum of 2 destinations per day.

Test User

Test User Email:

Test User Password: facebookdevelopers

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've been able to build a fully fledged application with offline support and web push notifications using the React Facebook Library and facebook authentication.

What's next for Pool It

I wich can I bring more people to work with me on this app to help people get to their homes safely and in a more convenient way.

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