INSPIRATION Petroleum is one of the fastest depleting non-renewable source of energy. Around 91% of transportation depend upon petroleum-based fuels. Day by Day due to its indiscriminate use petroleum is exhausting at a extremely fast rate. Moreover cars,trucks,motorcycles and buses powered by fossil-fuels are major contributors to air pollution. In fact,transportation emits more than half of nitrogen oxides in our air. Motor vehicle also emit pollutants, predominantly carbon dioxide, that contributes to global climate change. As per the study on 2016 data, at least 140 million people in India breathe air that is 10 tines or more over the WHO safe limit. In India even governments in some states have realized the concequences of air pollution and came up with some ideas but they were not properly implemented.

So we wanted to solve this problem through our project "Pool-In". A website that promotes and helps in vehicle sharing.


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"Pool-In" is our initiative to promote and help people in vehicle sharing. Through this different people from different place can create there account and find is there any vehicle that is going towards the same destination to which they want to. There are two options available Find Pool and Post a Pool.

  1. If we are going somewhere with our vehicle then we can use Post a Pool option. We can post the starting point and our destination and other details like vehicle number and contact info.
  2. Through find pools people can see the current vehicles that are going to different destination and they can figure out other details of the posted poll and can travel through the same vehicle.

This will help people to share vehicles with each other. It will significantly reduce traffic in crowded cities and through this idea we can control air pollution to a great extend. This idea will reduce global warming, climate change and also improve our health.


Our aim is to build a project that is user friendly and should be responsive web-app. Through html and css we have created elegant looking web pages. We have used python's flask module to build our full responsive backend. We have linked our web pages with our backend with full perfection. For database we have used python's sqlite3 module. We have used the database to store the login credentials of our users. We have also used cryptohash module to securely store the passwords in hashes in our database. We have design our code keeping in mind the common vulnerabilities of a site such as sqlinjection and xss attack.


We had faced some problems in building and aligning the different elements in html and css. Correctly programming and processing the captured data through aur backend was also little tough. But inspite of all the difficulties we were successfully in making a responsive website.


We as a team are extremely proud of creating such a responsive website and coming up with this idea just in three days. We have also learnt so much from this project and expanded our skills. Lastly I thank to the Steel City Codes for giving us such a great opportunity.

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