Inspiration - The inspiration behind the application were the problems faced by students during their college life. There is very limited interaction between seniors and juniors and wastage of resources each year. So we wanted to solve this issue and promote exchange of things and knowledge between students.

What it does - The application provides a platform for allowing students to share their resources (by renting, bartering, selling etc) and also their skills like Android Development, Coding, Java, PHP etc by mentoring other students either for free or for a subtle fee. The application provides a platform to Discuss about various topics in groups like Projects, College Placement, Car Pooling, Blood Donation etc. Users can change their account settings, View other users profile, Browse through all the listed items, search people with skills and seek for mentorship. They can also send mail to other users.

How we built it - We build it using Android Studio and some libraries

Challenges we ran into - Time limit

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We came up with a decent idea and gave our best efforts to put it into practice.

What we learned - Working in team, under time pressure for long hours without much rest. Really nice experience!

What we plan on adding in future - Personalised chatting within application, Extending circles to other colleges based on location

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