Learning while sharing is caring! This application is missioned to have a learning mechanism in place amongst your employees with the spice of high motivation & fun. The new & unique way of innovation on Appian application will make you go addicted and will leave a lot of smile in minutes.

What it does

As soon as every participant joins in and quiz is started, the questionnaires belonging to different categories are pushed on the real time to each of the clients, which is then questions become available to answer to each of the participants. The responses by each of them are real time pushed back to server and clients are informed back with the result of each of the question. This is a time bound quiz with each question allocated a specific time to allow the participant to answer, not just that there is a heart mouthing music that runs in the background to create an amazing user experience.

When the quiz finishes, scores for all participants with their net score is shown with other analytics.

These all happen 100% inside your Appian environment. Use this and take the way of knowledge sharing and learning to the whole new level and embrace this innovative way in your organisation!

How we built it

Excited to know how this is designed and implemented on Appian platform? application makes use of PubNub, a real time framework which works on server client architecture wherein server acts as a source for quiz management, tracking each participant responses on the quiz on real time basis. The clients are machines where different participants come in and provide responses.

Challenges we ran into

No SAIL component is available to handle realtime events hence we needed to create our own realtime SAIL component which we have released as PubNub subscriber field Making communication between server and client screens.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the realtime application to work and building this application so fast

Built With

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