Simple score-keeping app made with Meteor.

Note that:

  • the app doesn't send an email to confirm new users email. If you want to, switch sendVerificationEmail to "true" in server/accounts-config.js;
  • for using social logins and disqus feature, please configure your app details in private/local-settings.json and private/production-settings.json, the start your app with "meteor --settings private/local-settings.json" for local development and use "meteor deploy --settings private/production-settings.json yourappnamehere.meteor.com" for production;
  • the app adds an admin account if there's no users in the database. You can configure the details of this account in server/helpers.js.

Packages used:

  • accounts-facebook 1.0.4 Login service for Facebook accounts
  • accounts-github 1.0.4 Login service for Github accounts
  • accounts-google 1.0.4 Login service for Google accounts
  • accounts-password 1.1.0 Password support for accounts
  • accounts-twitter 1.0.4 Login service for Twitter accounts
  • alanning:roles 1.2.13 Role-based authorization
  • email 1.0.6 Send email messages
  • iron:router 1.0.7 Routing specifically designed for Meteor
  • kevohagan:sweetalert 0.4.2 a beautiful replacement for javascript's al...
  • linto:fontawesome 4.2.6 fontawesome 4.2.0 re-packaged for meteorjs
  • meteor-platform 1.2.2 Include a standard set of Meteor packages i...
  • meteorhacks:search-source 1.2.0 Reactive Data Source for Search
  • mizzao:user-status 0.6.4 User connection and idle state tracking for...
  • mrt:moment 2.8.1 Moment.js, a JavaScript date library for da...
  • msavin:mongol 1.0.2* The insanely handy development package for ...
  • obvio171:disqus 1.0.0 Disqus package. Add {{>disqus}} to template...
  • pcuci:bootcards 1.0.0_6 A cards-based UI with dual-pane capabilit...
  • sacha:spin 2.0.4 Simple spinner package for Meteor
  • service-configuration 1.0.4 Manage the configuration for third-party se...
  • twbs:bootstrap 3.3.4 The most popular front-end framework for de...


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