Do you know anyone who hasn't played pong? The classic aracde game is an age old family favorite. PongCopter takes pong to the next level. It creates an immersive version of pong that makes virtual reality seems like yesterday's technology.

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 behaves as the pong ball while two human players with Android devices act as the paddles. The quadcopter and Android devices talk over the Intel Edison which acts as the main server. Once the Intel Edison, two Android devices, and quadcopter are in sync on the local network the game is allowed to begin.

The Android devices use OpenCV image processing and geospacial recognition to find where the "ball" is on the playing field. Once the game begins player one "serves" and the "ball" moves in the opposite direction toward the second player. The second player uses his Android device to try to bounce the "ball" back to player one. The app also allows the players to introduce spin to make it harder for the other player to hit the "ball" back just like the original arcade game. Failure to bounce the "ball" back gives the opponent a point. The score is displayed on both Android devices on the upper left corner.

Game control is enchanced by allowing users to experience realistic in depth perception of being in the game. Artifical sounds when a player bounces or scores really immerses the player into the fast paced game. Advanced stabilization algorithms using the AR Drone 2.0's magnotometer to stop the quadcopter from drifting allowing a near seamless ball movement on the playing field.

An implemented feature for viewers in addition to game play allows more people to enjoy the game. If a viewer connects to our network they can go to the localhost and see a live bird's-eye view of the game live. They can also see the score and monitor the game without being physically present. Using mathimatical equations the location of the quadcopter is accurately predicted in real time by knowing the current angle of movement and velocity of the quadcopter.

Safety features were very important due to the risks of flying a quadcopter. A stop button is available on the app to kill the game and safely land the quadcopter if it gets out of control. A timeout will safely land the quadcopter once it leaves hte arena and is out of view of the Android devices for a certain time period. By combining safety features along with implimenting an new technologies to a game that bring nogalistic memories to most, a new type of entertainment is invented.

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