Pong But Epic

Coded at HTN 2020++

A twist on pong made using Ubisoft Toronto's custom Hackers Nest API for creating video games in C++. The goal of the game is to let the ball into your goal, and you only have 60 seconds to do so.

Themes implemented:

  • One button game
  • 60 second game
  • 1 v 1
  • Local multiplayer
  • Winning is for losers.
  • Pong


This was our first time coding in C++ and developing a game using the Hackers nest API, therefore we needed more time to understand the documentation and codebase. There are many other features to the game we would add if time was not a constraint, but in a short amount of time we were able to develop a working pong game and implemented all the HackTheNorth Challenge mechanics/themes.

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