We like Pong. Pong is life. Pong is love. We like Leap. Leap is cool. Leap is awesome.

What it does

Classical game of Pong that can be controlled with the Leap Controller Motion sensor. Supports different playing mode such as:

  • Single player
    • Control with Mouse
    • Control with Keyboard
    • Control with Leap Controller
  • Multi player
    • Control with Keyboard and Keyboard
    • Control with Keyboard and Mouse
    • Control with Leap Controller and Keyboard
    • Control with Leap Controller and Mouse
    • Control with 2 hands on one Leap Controller

How we built it

  • Unity
  • Leap Controller Motion Sensor
  • Tears, sweat, and Awake chocolate (#Awoke)

Challenges we ran into

Too many. That's what happens when you work with things you've never touched before (and Git).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a functional game of Pong. And that beautiful opening screen.

What we learned

Everything. We had to learn EVERYTHING.

What's next for Pong2.0

Make it into a mobile app and/or turn your mobile phone into one of the controller! Not everyone has a Leap sensor but most people own a smartphone (monetize).

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posted an update

Managed to reach most of our strech goals, including having singler player and multiplayer modes with and without the leap motion controller. I'm very happy with how hard my team has worked to make this project a success. Now time to refine and add some polish to our project.

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posted an update

Unity challenges

So this is my first time with Unity and boy, it has been a struggle. learning how to create 3D assets was pretty straight-forward. Unity is really easy to make both simple and complex games in 2D and 3D. Right now I have gotten a basic start screen working. We want to make the background a GIF and be able to press the button with your hands using the Leap Motion Controller. We'll see if we can get that far

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