Pong With Me is a free multiplayer, real-time game of Pong in which two players can use their smartphones as physical paddles to play.

The idea of Pong With Me is based on the concept of using technology to facilitate and build relationships with friends, family, and even complete strangers. Picture walking into a mall and finding a beautiful screen presenting a fun, interesting game. Imagine joining in on the game with a simple scan, and playing with any person walking by. This is what Pong With Me is all about. Pong With Me is not only a new take on pong, but is a new opening for games and technology to interact with people on another level.

The success of Pong With Me begins with the power of Microsoft Azure, along with its simplicity, and compatibility. Pong With Me was made to interact with almost any smartphone or tablet with a browser, and is known to work with Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. Nobody around to play with? No problem, you play against our undefeated champ, the AI.

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