I was inspired to build this game as I recently learned python and wanted to enhance my knowledge and gain experience with the language.

What it does

It is a fun ping pong like game that you can play during free time without any internet connection needed...

How I built it

This game was built using python and the turtle library

Challenges I ran into

Adding the music and making the ball accurately move was really challenging and took a lot of effort. Considering my experience with the language, completing the project within the time limit for the hackathon was also really challenging

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

I learned how you can use python and the turtles library to build games

What's next for Pong

I will try my best to keep working on the project. Once I make the game more interactive and functional, I will release it on the web, an online version so that people can also enjoy it.

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