Starting with this year's HackHarvard theme of "reinventing the past", we were inspired to recreate a classic game that had us mesmerized in the past to mesmerize people in the present. In the spirit of today's interest in virtual reality and augmented reality, we decided to add an augmented reality twist to the old game of Pong. Moreover, as Canadians in America, we wanted to show our investment in America's political scene by adding a "presidential" twist to our game of Pong.

What it does

Using Leap Motion, we set the control of the paddles to interact directly with the gamer as opposed to indirectly through the keys. Integrating animations and sound effects to add to our presidential theme, we have made Pong Hub: Presidential Version into a battle not just between two paddles, but also between the two presidential candidates.

How we built it

Starting from a base template of the old pong game in Javascript, we modified the game by implementing augmented reality in order to control the paddles. The main tool we used is the Orion Leap Motion. Using the Javascript API, we were able to write code that tracked the (x,y,z) coordinates of each player's hand (controller), as well as other characteristics such as palm direction, palm velocity and which hand was being used. Acquiring this data in vector form, we mathematically mapped each hand into a controller object. Within this object, we interpreted data using palm velocity sensitivity to create a smooth experience. In addition, we spent a good amount of time defining coordinate threshold values in order to distinguish each player's controller (to minimize interference/ noise between each player).

Challenges we ran into

Most of our team had homework assignments due, upcoming midterms, and girlfriends to text back.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the homework assignments ..... and completing the project within the 36 hours.

What we learned

We learned how to balance sleep and work life... just kidding, we didn't sleep!

What's next for Pong Hub Presidential Version

We want to implement virtual as well, but were unable to do so because of lack of operating system compatibility. We also want implement other classic games with modern technologies.

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