We were very puzzled at what to create for this hackathon. So we decided to think of some problems that we have right now. We said at the same time that the quarantine had made us so "bored" that we were about to go insane. From there, we were thinking of ways to interest other people and how to captivate others. That's when we thought of Pong!+Flappy!

What it does

The website we created features two games plus a quick bio of us. Pong is one of the games featured on the website and it has many cool features. If you didn't know already, Pong is a table tennis sports game featuring simple two-dimensional graphics. However, we added cool extra features to the game. Pong's extra features: 1. There is the option to play music in the background while the user is playing and keep in mind, you can skip around the music track AND adjust the volume. 2. There is an option of enabling confetti which is an animation that plays across the whole screen when a user wins. That way, it makes the winner feel much happier and wants to play again to get the same satisfaction :) 3. If the game is too easy for some people, we added an extra "fast mode" so users get some challenge! In "fast mode", the ball is much faster but the speed that the user can move the block is still the same. 4. Thinking of games, I knew that Fortnite and all those first-person shooter games had the option to change keybinds (controls to move). So we thought, why not let the users have the option what buttons to press, to move the user block. At the bottom of the screen, lays the 4 different keybinds for Person 1 and Person 2 to change when they want their block to move up and down. 5. Another feature we added was a "reset keybinds" where if a user tries to set a keybind as "∆" and it was an accident, they can reset keybinds and see what the recommended keybinds are. 6. There is a "game objective" button because we wanted it so that users can play up to an objective and not play forever or else no one will be the "winner". (Also, the confetti play when someone hits the objective that the user chooses). Instead of giving options on what the objective is, we asked the user to put in an objective number whenever they click the button "game objective". If the user puts something else besides a number, it says invalid response. 7. Also, the button "reset game" resets the score, ball, and game objective. 8. We also wanted to add a pause/resume button to let the user have extra control when they are trying to change their keybinds, game objective, music, or any other setting. 9. We also added options of different objects that the user could use instead of the standard ball. If you didn't already know, Flappy Bird is a game where the objective is to make the bird go through pipes without touching them. The more pipes the user goes through, the higher the score. Flappy's extra features: 1. There is a normal and fast mode to challenge users and make the game more interesting. 2. We blocked users from cheating by flying really high by making the user die if they try and go super high. 3. We have a glow behind the game screen. 4. We also added audio which is adjustable just like Pong! 5. We have a cool face animation next to the title "Flappy Bird". 5. For any electronic device beside a computer, touching/tapping is how you move the bird but for keyboard, we made it so that any key that is pressed can make the bird move. 6. We added options for the user to pick instead of just having a bird.

How I built it

We used to build everything that you can see on the website.

Challenges I ran into

One challenge we had was making the UI. There are a lot of features and we didn't want to make everything super cluttered. At the same time, we had to make it so that the user has options and can adjust their game according to their liking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Definitely the custom keybinds. It was pretty hard capturing keycodes and then updating the text to reflect the changes that were made. Also, creating two games in two days completely with the added features was pretty tough.

What I learned

We both got much closer to each other and now are very close friends. Also, we both learned that we can make simple games turn into much more fun and complex game. We learned how to host audio, not on, learned more about HTML5 canvas, and how to have the mindset of always being creative and adding new features to the game. Lastly, we learned that hackathons like Hack the Cloud are an amazing opportunity to bond and collaborate with people who have the same interests as you!

What's next for Pong!+Flappy!

Pong!: If we had extra time, we would have created a solo mode where it would be the user vs a robot! Maybe even a multiplayer setting where you could play with people from all over the world! Also, the ability to drop and drag any music the user wants, and the ability to drop and drag whatever object they wanted instead of selecting a limited amount of options! Flappy!: If we had extra time, we would add coins between the green poles so whenever the bird goes through they collect coins and we could create a shop where there would be different options of skins that could be bought by coins! Also, just like Pong, the ability to drop and drag any music the user wants and the ability to drop and drag whatever object they wanted instead of selecting a limited amount of options! Maybe even.... having multiple people playing with you?

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