We were inspired by those suffering from too much stress in our community. And we wanted to create an app that could manage time in a way that is user-friendly, simple to use, stream-lined, and aesthetically pleasing.

What it does

Our app is a collaboration between educators and their students. We encourage more transparency between teachers who assign homework and the students who need to juggle both schoolwork and their own lives. Pond creates a customized schedule for each user. The student sets times in which they have other activites (such as sports) and these time slots are blocked off. Remaining time slots will be filled according to how long certain homework assignments take to complete and the urgency of when they are due. Therefore, the app intelligently assigns personalized daily schedules to fit the needs of its users and maximizes the efficiency of their work times each day.

How we built it

We incorporated both a teach and student interface. Teachers would primarily use our website to submit new assignments with details of their due dates and approximate time needed to finish and students would rely on our app, which returns a personalized schedule. The website was built using HTML and CSS whereas the app was coded with XCode and Swift. We combined these two interfaces to create a completely inclusive application that would allow teachers and students to better interact regarding schoolwork.

Challenges we ran into

In order to code our app, we jumped straight into iOS web development with limited knowledge of the subject and produced a final product that showcased our hours of learning and hard work. It was up to us to teach ourselves facets of new programming languages that were completely new to us and work within our group to produce Pond, our very first web app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We take pride in staying resilient through the process, learning totally new concepts on our own, working efficiently and well with our teammates, and being able to produce a final product for which we are proud.

What we learned

Throughout this process, we expanded our knowledge of computer science immensely and are now more familiar with different languages used for web and app development.

What's next for Pond

We hope to expand our capabilities within the app to include algorithmic/AI properties that can create a better, more intelligent app that we currently have. With the website, we also aim to add functions that bridge the gap between teachers and students, furthering their education. Finally, we hope to spread our presence across the country so that students nationwide will reap the benefits of a decluttered and organized life.

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