Pondir is a social media platform that helps entrepreneurs connect with each other and potential investors. Through 5 key tools in the platform that are aimed towards various stages of a startup, aspiring entrepreneurs can utilize the social platform to expand their network, acquire local mentors and talent and find interested investors.

There are millions of aspiring entrepreneurs but very few go and act out their ambitions. Ultimately, there are several common reasons why entrepreneurs fail often when they first start out. Lack of experience, lack of a network, lack of knowledge or just simple blind faith in their product. Through the use of our platform, the user would get feedback about their startup regardless of what stage it is in and this is especially useful for beginners. More experienced entrepreneurs still gain value from this site from using it as a platform to attract investors they would never had a chance to meet physically. Investors gain value from being able to access detailed startup profiles and if interested in any particular would recieve a chance to contact them to discuss further.

Built using Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JavaScript with back end using MongoDB and node.js, we had issues with integration and learned that hosting isn't a straight forward process. However, we are proud to have a clean frontend with good visuals and a detailed prototype of future features using Proto.io.

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