We were uncomfortable with what Twitter stands for. Quick bites of info, superficial connections, wit over empathy, etc. Andrew, Jens, and Narayan wanted to try something different where knowledge about another human being is allowed to trickle.

What it does

Users input personal information about their upbringing, perspectives, and opinions. They are matched with users who are most dissimilar to themselves. They get to pick one individual with whom they are paired and share long-form messages with.

How we built it

Using the firebase API as our database, we were able to store arrays of user-created information and perform non-complex analysis on them to relatively rank users in terms of dissimilarity. Figma was primarily used for logo creation. React, Redux, and CSS were used for styling, layout and tracking.

Challenges we ran into

Oh boy. Narayan and Andrew had absolutely no web development background. Using the strategies like pair-programming, resources included, but not limited to, seminars, workshops, mentors, peers, and the internet we were able to get our web app up and running. Jens learned how to fully utilize firebase API for all back-end requirements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Gaining an intermediate knowledge in web development languages Querying databases to extract data Completing a project that aligns with our values

What we learned

Starting and persisting with a project from start to a (near) finish. Web Design Web development languages Splitting up workload amongst a team of varying skill-sets

What's next for PonderPal

Building a comprehensive message system that guides the user through long-form principles Add geographical information to allow for in-person meetups for users within a certain proximity limit Improving the UI/UX to make it more appealing and intuitive to new users

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