Pond adventure is a mathematical game that assists early childhood students to learn and practice basic addition and subtraction skills. Level one begins with single digit addition and subtraction equations. The equation is displayed at the top of the screen along with a frog and 3 lily pads containing 3 different possible answers to the equation. The objective of the game is to click and drag Webby the Frog onto the correct lily pad. If the student clicks and drags the frog onto the incorrect lily pad, the frog returns to its start position. The frog will not progress to the next equation or level unless the equation is answered correctly. Level two and three are the same as level one except the numbers become greater. Level 2 adds and subtracts double digit equations such as 20+30 Level 3 adds and subtracts triple digit numbers. Once you reach the end of level 3, the end screen will appear. Once the child reaches the end screen the student should be an expert at basic addition and subtraction skills.

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