Coming from our own experiences of the ways professional relationships have provided value in our lives, we discovered a need for an easy was to seek and create these relationships. We believe this is an important problem because a persons satisfaction with life is correlated to the number of meaningful relationships they have.

What it does

At its core, Pond is a multi-platform web application that catalyzes relationships between people of different professional backgrounds. To do this, novices use Pond to seek out professionals in different fields and buy them a meal. From these catalyzed connections, valuable relationships form.

How we built it

From a technical perspective, Pond is comprised of a ReactJS web application and a React Native mobile application. Pond will be Firebase as its database, which handles data handling and requests through Firebase's API. Finally, in a not yet finished feature, Pond is going to use Mapbox API to gather information regarding the relative locations of different users and find nearby restaurants that correspond to the users' preferences.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At the beginning of the hackathon, our team did not have much experience with NodeJS or writing React applications, which were of course a big part of the application. To learn how Pond would be implemented we had to study both React and React Native, as well as Node.js to work with the projects. Aside from the technical problems, the hardest part was coming up with an idea for a project. We spent a good amount of the first night (and early morning) discussing the problems we personally experience and what we want to come to life. We eventually arrived at Pond, which solved a problem that we all strongly agreed was important. We worked hard through the day and night to come up with a pitch and application that we initially dream of.

What we learned

We learned about how to implement the NodeJS and the React library, as well as FireStore and Google Cloud API.

What's next for Pond

We hope to continue to build Pond into a fully fleshed out application. Our first step will be to complete the minimum viable product and seek first test users to help us iterate while building.

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