Tradition has it that to be successful in education, students must engage in classrooms in two major ways:

1) Take copious amounts of notes while listening 2) Actively participate in discussion

Doing a specific one of these comes with unique challenges in and out of class studying, but the combination of both is a challenge that limits students from having both the best notes and being a great contributor.

With Pompeii, a solution arises in the form of an app and website.

Pompeii - just as its namesake city has preserved the knowledge and history of the past - allows students to record a long or short lecture and receive only the most important take-aways. Discussions become more inclusive, notes become easier to understand and are more concise, and students are overall more effective learners and scholars, with much more free time on their hands.

A simple UI and clean site makes the entire process extremely simple and frictionless: it takes a total of one click to start the process, and one click to end. That's it - the parsed notes and insights are all available on the site immediately afterwards.

Unfortunately, lectures are not perfect, and Pompeii knows this: all the needless filler that can occur during a lecture is filtered out by Pompeii. The remaining highly relevant information is sorted into categories based on what the information is, whether it be a recap, an explanation, a definition, or something else. This saves hours on the part of the student, who no longer has to re-listen to a long lecture only to recall a small amount of information.

Being both engaged and committed has never been easier.

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