One of our team members talk about their experience watching 7 seasons of Star trek the next generation in five minute increments as part of their use of the pomodoro method. It was very inspiring to think about what you could do with your breaks if you actually used them and how much it effect your productivity when you are working.

What it does

PomoTube facilitates the pomodoro method by tracking a 25 minute work session and a 5 minute break from work. During you 5 minute break it plays video from your YouTube watch it later playlist. At the end of you break it pauses the current youtube video and save you place in the video for your next break. It hides the video so the only way you can get back to in the extension is to do 25 minuets of work.

How we built it

It was great having some really solid resources to pull from. It would have be really hard to complete this hack without the meteor chrome extension boilerplate. The packages that made working with youtube and google easy also really helped.

Challenges I ran into

Managing state was challenging and the ins of out of what was allowed in an iframe and in a chrome extension.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Publishing the extension to the google extension store it was a first for everyone on the team

What we learned

Extensions have a lot of power but also have some real limitations.

What's next for PomoTube

We want to refactor the code to use a router and add the ability to select what play list will play besides the watch it later play list.

Built With

  • the-meteor-chrome-extention-boilerplate
  • extensionizr
  • meteor.js
  • bootstrap
  • moment.js
  • adrianliaw:youtube-iframe-api
  • fontawesome
  • yang2007chun:youtube-api
  • percolate:google-api
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