The problem POMOGNI.NET solves:

We started the development of the idea right after WHO announced the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Just in two weeks POMOGNI.NET was ready for volunteers and citizens (people in need) to access and register in Bulgaria. The more we communicate with users of the systems, the more we were confident that we have to work for smoothing the communication between institutions (government structures and NGO organizations), volunteers and isolated people by extending POMOGNI.NET functionalities to an upper level, where the platform can be used for direct communication between institutions/ organizations and volunteers and accept signals for home abuses. At the current moment, the platform is used and works well. However, we outline two main problem, which we solved with

  • We are receiving signals for home abuse – the self-isolation in families and the current situation is getting people frustrated, forcing violence. This is why we are thinking of integrating a place on the platform, where people can send home abuse and violence signals. We are thinking of connecting POMOGNI.NET to NGO’s, which can deal with signals like this.
  • The second issue is there are a lot of people, who want to volunteer but for more public activities – like hospitals, park security, firefighting, etc. We want to give the ability to governmental organizations like municipalities, police departments, hospitals and other organizations to have an administrative module, where they can set a list of approved volunteers and assign requests to them. In this way, the public organizations will have the opportunity to use mobile platform and communicate with the volunteers through it.

What POMOGNI.NET brings to the table: is a platform with web, Android and iOS application, where two different groups of people connects:

  • People in a need – people from vulnerable groups, mainly ones with chronic illness or elderly people living alone, who are advised to stay isolated as they are most likely to get ill.
  • Volunteers – people who want to help and offer help. So far, the platform has proven itself as a connection between those two groups of people and we have hundreds of accomplished requests, where volunteers have delivered medicines and food. How it works? Everyone can download the app from Google Play or iOS and register either as a Volunteer or person in a need. People in need can upload requests, which are visible on a map and the volunteers in the perimeter (currently 7 km) are receiving a push notification through the app. Volunteers can see the data of the requester only if they are assigned to the request. Once the request is accomplished, the requester can rate the volunteer and leave a comment.

What we did during this weekend:

Technical Development Discussions:

  • Steps for implementation of a panic button for reporting home violence.
  • Describing the processes and functionalities in the administrative module for organizing volunteers
  • List with tasks for front end improvements of the administrative module
  • Volunteers database optimization for easy search and communication

Creating project canva for future business development:

  • Defining key partners, key activities, value proposition, customer relationship, key resources, cost structure and revenue streams.
  • All of the finance in the first 6 months will come from donations, directly aggregated from the platform.
  • Long-term development for the next 12 months - establishing NGO organization for international management of volunteers networks.

Creating video presentations and Pomogni marketing materials.

The solution’s impact to the crisis:

  • Digitalization of volunteering as a process and organization. Connecting institutions (governmental, hospitals, municipalities) and people to act together during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Different TV and radio programs have been reporting on the platform: BNT (Bulgarian National TV), BNR (Bulgarian National Radio), Darik Radio Station, Kanal3 TV, BGONAIR TV,, Forbes Bulgaria, Radio 999. They told our stories to most of Bulgarian people.
  • on-boarded over 1000 volunteers in the country.
  • started the digitalization of volunteering in Bulgaria.
  • Real help was given already with in Bulgaria.

The necessities in order to continue the project:

  • To scale up the project for other countries by translating it.
  • Contacts with European and National institutions, which can use the administrative module.
  • Contacts with NGO organizations, which protect people from home violence during time of isolation.
  • Donations, which will help us to invest more resources and make a professional platform for better organization during the Covid-19 fight.

The value of our solution after the crisis:

We'll add a button for donations from people who are using the system or like the idea of the app and we'll focus on popularity of the platform in different countries. This is 6 months vision of our business model. During this time our team will invest time and technological knowledge for free. If we complete our goal to release an international platform in the next 12 months, we'll be able to establish NGO volunteering organization, which will coordinate and take care of over 26 000 000 people across Europe. In this case, our plan includes opening new positions for operators of the platform, coordinating and supporting different cases.

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