The Pomodoro technique is a popular way to focus on the task at hand and improve productivity. What if you could connect with others who are working and motivate each other to stay productive and on task?

What it does

Every 30 minutes, a new timer begins for a 25-minute work session. Enter your name and a brief description of your task, then see if you can stay focused on that task for the full 25 minutes. This is followed by a 5-minute break where you can report on your success (or failure) and see how everyone else did.

How we built it

We created the app in 24 hours as part of the 2015 Meteor Global Distributed Hackathon. Our goal was to keep it under 100 lines of JavaScript and we just made it!

Challenges we ran into

Time! Even for a simple app like this, it's difficult to design the concept, build, and test in 24 hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We completed a working prototype within the 24 hours, and think this has potential to be a useful app.

What we learned

Meteor, synchronizing timers, and CSS design.

Packages used

In addition to the standard packages; Pomodorus uses:

  • angular
  • accounts-ui
  • momentjs:moment
  • reactive-var
  • angular:angular-route
  • accounts-facebook
  • accounts-password
  • urigo:angular-blaze-template
  • less
  • brentjanderson:buzz
  • fourseven:scss

What's next for Pomodorus

Improved functionality, scorecards, and better styling.

Built With

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