Procrastination is bad. Donating to charity is good. We hope to incentivize people to be productive by donating to charity!

What it does

Choose a charity, pick an amount of money and a length of time, and lock your phone down into peaceful Pomodoro mode while you get work done. When you finish, enjoy the feel good rush of having donated to charity and having beaten procrastination!

How we built it

Built with React Native, this mobile app is perfect for every screen. Apple or Android, our audience is everyone who feels like they need a way to defeat procrastination.

Challenges we ran into

First time we had ever used React Native, so it was a fun challenge getting to grips with the whole React Native workflow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of actually creating a (decently impressive) app that can run on almost any mobile platform.

What we learned

We learned that app development is actually quite fun and not as hard as it looks. Definitely going to have another stab at developing some other app ideas we've had lying around.

What's next for Pomodoro for a Better World

Pomodoro for a Better World is very close to being actually released as an app. The only thing that need to add is customer authentication (not just hard coding the customer who is paying), a little more polish, and then it would be ready to ship! Very exciting that we are this close given the time window we had to develop it!

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