We're cat loves and college students, so we needed a fun and practical way to combine cats with our studies. There's just something about working in the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop, but also a pleasant calm and warm fuzzies that kitties will give. That being said, this webapp is also perfect for anyone looking for a purrfect work environment that also helps you stay focused!

What it does

The main interface provides the ambience of a cat cafe for increasing productivity and mental wellbeing. It provides cat livestreams to the user and has a pomodoro timer, all the while providing soothing lo-fi beats. This looping timer basis of 25 mins of work then 5 mins of break (watching cats!)

How we built it

We used Flask for deploying Python code, Bootstrap for the UI that incorporates HTML, CSS and Javascript, and Gunicorn for Heroku deployment.

Challenges we ran into

Team members left, we had to restart a few times. Where wasn't there a challenge?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing the project on time, even if things were cut.

What we learned

Both of us have came into the project knowing very little about web development, as it was our very first time coding for a hackathon. We certainly came out knowing css can be a pain - we had to learn very quickly how to make modern responsive web elements. We struggled with the very basics of what languages and frameworks we should be using, how to set up file structures, Git collab, you name it. We successfully deployed our very first heroku as a project demo that anyone can check out!

What's next for Pomodoro Cat Cafe

We have so so many cool ideas to take this project further. We're really proud of what we were able to accomplish in 24 hours and hope to build on it more!

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