PomodoGo (Team 55)

A step towards healthier productivity


Staying Stane at Home


The stress of productivity during the pandemic has caused many individuals to struggle with mental health. We wanted to promote a healthier pathway towards productivity that includes maintaining good mental health.

About PomodoGo

PomodoGo is a website that provides a centralized place for productivity and mental health resources.

Building and Development

We began by brainstorming and creating a basic wireframe for the website and its contents. We then used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design, program, and implement the various functionalities of our website.

Our Challenges

One of the biggest challenges was the time zone difference between teammates. Nonetheless, strong communication skills helped us manage our time and project well. Another challenge included implementing a sidebar on our website and ensuring that the menu button served as a toggle. However, after watching tutorial after tutorial, we were finally able to implement a toggle through JavaScript.

Our Accomplishments

Even with the obstacles of working virtually and with a time limit, we did a good job communicating and checking in with each other. We’re also proud of creating a website from scratch, especially since neither of us had any prior experience in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.


We learned how to embed JavaScript and CSS into HTML, creating a sleek website design through UI exploration, delegating tasks, and most importantly, communicating and collaborating virtually.

What's Next?

In the future, we would like to expand the target audience for PomodoGo by incorporating resources for individuals who wish to increase productivity at home and/or at work. Another factor we would love to include is an online forum that allows users to share their struggles/successes with productivity during the pandemic.

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